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Deciding On A Budget

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Using A Bail Bond? Don't Make Any Of These Mistakes

Have you found yourself in need of a bail bond to get your early release from jail? If so, you will not want to make any of these mistakes that could end up costing you your collateral or putting you back in jail.

Missing Your Court Date

The one thing that you do not want to do is miss your court date. Make sure that you do everything that you can to show up in court that day, since your early release from jail is contingent on you returning to court. Make sure that you triple-check the date, let family members know, and set alerts on your phone. If you miss your court date, you'll end up back in jail and have to wait until your next court date can be rescheduled.

Pushing Your Luck With The Law

Being released on bail is not the time to see how much you can push the limits of the terms surrounding your release. You may have restrictions on which states you can travel to, what times you should be driving, and even if you are allowed to drink while on early release. Know that one slip up can cause you to end up right back in jail for not following those release terms. For example, all it takes is traveling a few miles over the speed limit to get pulled over by a police officer and caught for violating any travel or driving restrictions.

Putting Co-signer's Collateral At Risk

If you used a co-signer to get your bail bond, know that all your actions are going to put their collateral at risk. If you end up back in jail and lose your bond money, then your co-signer will lose whatever collateral they used to get you released from jail early. You need to consider how your actions affect others during your time out of jail.

Forgetting To Check In With Your Bondsman

Based on your previous criminal history, your bondsman may require that you regularly check in with them while you are released from jail. Even though these are not court mandated check ins, they are still required as part of the terms of your bail bond. You need to check in with them as requested, or the bondsman may actually use a bounty hunter to track you down. They have a lot of money that they can lose based on you not returning to court for your hearing, so they want to know how you're doing.

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